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Note: All applicants applying for the state exam must complete Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and one elective before you can apply for the Department Real Estate Exam.  <CLICK HERE  TO SEE OUR HOME STUDY PACKAGES>      

Once you pass the State Exam you will receive a letter in the mail stating that you have passed the exam. To complete the licensing process you must show a copy of your birth certificate or Passport, Live Scan Fingerprinting and the current application form the Department of Real Estate sent to you filled out and mailed with a check or money order to the CalBRE of the current licensing fee's.



The California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) will usually schedule your State Exam date approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the date you apply.  You must apply by MAILING your EXAM Application which is the most efficient way of applying for the State Exam.  When you apply for your exam on your application is a place to put an earliest date  to take your STATE EXAM  or you may lieve it blank and they will give you a code to access the E-licensing system to schedule your exam (Check out the CALBRE  website to find out more about applying online after you send in your Forms by mail.) . NOTE: The key to passing your state exam is understanding what the questions are saying. During your wait time  WE recommend you should study our Internet Streaming Exam  Preparation   along with Our exam software ( Mr Study Module CD) of Practice exams which are in the area of the State Exam.  Your scores should consistently be in the 85%-95% range on all sample questions. 

The Bureau of Real Estate's Salesperson or Broker Exams (State Exams) are not an easy exams. You must be willing to devote sufficient time and effort to successfully pass the exam.  There are two knowledge bases you must master to be successful: 

(1)  Thorough knowledge of the information being tested on the California Bureau of Real Estate's Salesperson  or Brokers Exam.  This is the information that the CalBRE considers important enough to place on the State Exam and, therefore, you must know this information prior to taking either the Salesperson or Brokers  exam.  In other words, you must actually learn and understand the material do not memorize.:

(2)  You must understand the nature of the State Exam questions themselves.  You must know the material AND be very careful reading the exam questions. The California Bureau of Real Estate does not consider the State Exam questions tricky; however, they are worded in such a way that you must really know the material or you will probably select the wrong answer to the question.   For this reason, it is imperative that you spend the proper time and effort with the correct materials to pass the State Exam.  Memorization alone will not be enough to pass the State Exam.  You must learn the material that will be tested and complete enough sample questions to understand the nature of the exam questions.   When you have attained these two levels of knowledge, you are then ready to pass the State Exam.


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