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  California Real Estate Principles - 15th Edition.

An ideal reference text for real estate students and an excellent study guide for those taking the state license exam.
ISBN 13-978-16-2684-217-5  

  California Real Estate Practice 8th
Provides the person interested in a career as a real estate broker with basic information pertinent to the various aspects of real estate practice.
ISBN 13:978-16-2684-252-6  

       Real Estate Appraisal 
(Principles and Procedures)
This text is  designed for students who wish to pursue a career in real estate professionals, such as brokers, salespeople, and loan officers, who can benefit from understanding why one property is worth more than another.
ISBN 13 978-0-916772-76-5  

  Property Management 6th  Edition

Designed as a primary textbook for property management courses, it will inform and inspire both novice and experienced property managers.
ISBN 0-916772-33-0  

  Real Estate Finance 8th edition

A simple, step-by-step guide to understanding the real estate finance process, from credit scoring, to filling out a loan application, to closing the loan.
ISBN 13:-978-16-2684-178772-9  

  Real Estate Economics 5thEdition

Key economic topics are emphasized in a simple, easy-to-read format. Probable outcomes of real estate decisions are explained, and trends from which one can make wiser money-making decisions are identified.
ISBN-13: 0-916772-69-7  

  California Real Estate Law 8th Edition

Legal concepts are simplified, and relevant Internet sites have been added. This textbook is not only excellent for real estate beginners, but also an essential review and reference book for buyers, sellers, and their agents.

  Real Estate Computer Applications 1st Edition
This text covers the very simple basics of computer skills and progresses to the more complex tasks such as downloading information, forms, and using real estate-specific software for accounting, property management, escrow, and more. Includes hundreds of websites.
ISBN 0-916772-47-0  

  Mortgage Loan Brokering 6th Edition

Designed to provide students with broad technical knowledge of state and federal laws which govern mortgage loan brokerage and lending in California.
ISBN-10: 0-916772-74-8  

  Escrow 1: An Introduction 4th Edition
A  introductory course designed for beginning students who have limited business and legal knowledge. Basic escrow theory is explained as simply as possible without sacrificing thoroughness or clarity. includes Transaction Cordinators
  Business Law 5th Edition
Introduction to Law-Ethics and Business-Alternative Dispute Resolution-Court Systems and Court Procedure-Torts: Intentional, Negligent and Strict Liability-Business Torts-Contracts, Concepts, Terms and the Agreement-

ISBN 13-978-16-2684-030-0

   Common Interest Developments 1st Edition  ISBN 0-916772-46-2 
Introduction to Common Interest Developments: The Purchase and Sale-Homeowner (Community) Association Management-The Board of Directors-Association Meetings-Homeowner (Community) Association Restrictions:

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